Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) for the 2012 London Olympic Games Fiasco

As you well know the Olympic Park Legacy Company is putting things together for the 2012 Olympic Games in historic London England in what could very well be one of the greatest Olympic Games of the last 75-years. And that is really significant considering that some of the world's greatest cities have hosted the games during those times.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic symbol - five colored rings indicate the unity of the world where the countries can join together in the colors. The Olympic Games are really contributing to make the world unite. Every four years, people from all over the world gather for the Olympic Games. Athletes from many lands come together to take part in the matches. The winners receive medals and honors.

Football and the Olympic Games

Football at the Summer Olympic Games is not what some of us would assume it is. Football is another name for 'soccer' which is the sport played at the summer Olympics. Soccer has been included in every set of Summer Olympic Games except for the dates 1896 and 1932. Women's football was later added with the 1996 Olympic Games.

Soccer was in the early days of development during the first Olympics in 1896. Soccer was not on the Olympics program guide for the event but there have been some sources which claim that an Olympic tournament was held during the first Olympic Games.

Steroids and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Steroid use rumors and steroid bans are nothing new when it comes to the Olympics and it looks like the Beijing 2008 Olympics will be no different than the past Olympic games. Olympic history is peppered with steroid abuse stories including the very famous stories on Ben Johnson in the 1988 Olympics and more recently Marion Jones.

The Sport of Archery in the Olympic Games

Archery was not a sports event in the first ancient Olympic Games in Greece. However, the games were held for over 1,000 years, so it's entirely possible that at some time archery was an Olympic sport in the past.

Wenlock and the Olympic Games

The small country town of Much Wenlock is about 160 miles north-west of London, and was the site of a priory dating back to 690AD. There is also evidence of a Saxon royal abbey. Due to its location near the Welsh border, it also grew into a thriving market town. But it is in the year 2012 that this little town in Shropshire has been put firmly on the map, as its history is intricately linked to the Olympic Games.

Should Kitesurfing Be Included At The 2016 Olympic Games?

In 2009 the International Olympic Committee at its Copenhagen Conference declared that "the Olympics movement must strive to extend its remit and to increase its influence with young people across the world." I for one cannot think of a better way of achieving this goal than by including Kitesurfing at the 2016 Olympic Games. There is no other sailing class in the world (and few sports) that have such a high percentage of participants under 30.

Update On The British National Lottery And The 2012 Olympic Games

It is now just over a year to go before the start of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. The city of London is gearing up as the host of both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games, as is the British National Lottery, which is raising around £2.2 billion to fund the gigantic events.

2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro

The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Jacques Rogge, said that the biggest problem for the Games will be the safety of the spectators and the fans. The Games will be the 31. in modern history, which was chosen in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 2, 2009. It will include all the sports which are usually present at the Games, and maybe even some new ones. They will be the first ones to be held on the continent of South America, which is a great honor for Brazil and its people.

The Five Greatest Athletes of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

1. Michael Phelps (Aquatics/ United States): Considered the best athlete in the world by many Olympic experts, Michael holds the current world record in seven swimming events: 400m individual medley(4:03,84), 200m freestyle relay (1:42,96), 4 x100m freestyle relay (3:08.24), 200m butterfly (1:52,03), 4x200m freestyle relay (6:58,56), 200m individual medley (1:54,23), 4x100m medley relay (3:29,34). On August 16, 2008, he also set an Olympic record in the 100m butterfly (50,58). A national hero in Maryland and the United States, he has won 16 Olympic medals.

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